Molly Huddle running in race
Molly Portrait


As the third of four children, Molly Huddle grew up in Elmira, NY watching her father run. Huddle didn't start running herself until she was 12 years old and didn't begin taking it seriously until the end of high school. As a junior, Huddle lettered in soccer, basketball, and outdoor track. "My junior year, I improved a lot because I started to run over the summer instead of just during the season," says Huddle. Her senior year, Huddle decided to run cross country. Even though she was the only member of her high school's cross country team, that didn't stop Huddle from winning multiple state championships in the sport. As a one-runner team, her father coached her and she was undefeated her senior year.

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SPORT: Track & Field

BORN: August 31, 1984


HEIGHT: 5’5”

U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM: 2012, 2016


Molly Huddle running on track
Molly Huddle running in race
Molly Huddle running by lake